Selecting Wedding Vendors-Word of Mouth is Not Enough

An interesting conflict came up this week.  One of our brides selected one of her wedding vendors based on the recommendation of several of her friends.  She even met the vendor.  But I wonder if the word of mouth lulled her into a false sense of security, in some way forcing or influencing her to select this vendor.  Now, there is nothing but conflict between this poor girl and her vendor to the point of wanting to change this particular service very close to her wedding.    I believe that there is an instinctive inner feeling that comes into us at certain times, when you pick the right dress, when you fall in love, when you are in the right wedding venue, etc.  We all know what that feels like!  If you have a good relationship with your venue, which you should, rely on their recommended services.  But still interview them and let your gut tell you what is the best direction to go.  You work with the various services and vendors for up to a year and a half and it is essential to have a good rapport and level of trust with them.