Saying yes to the dress?

This will be a touchy subject to write about, being a guy.  I understand from thousands of weddings how important the gown is to the whole day.  I’ve watched a significant amount of “Say Yes To The Dress” segments to further understand.  Back in the 60’s it seemed like the brides and grooms were more like a cake top couple…they didn’t dance much or eat much, but rather walked about the room receiving their guests and talking to people.  The music was a lot different then as well.  There was much more slow, touch dancing, even to the current music of the day.  With the onset of Rap and Club music, there is also a new style of dancing, much more fast, requiring much more movement; and most brides and grooms of today want to enjoy their weddings and party with their friends and families.  After the ceremony, pictures and the bustle is done; the gown attention should minimize.  But I am seeing it become the center of attention for a different reason…it keeps getting in the way of the bride having fun and dancing.   The bustle gets torn off or ripped, the tuille gets torn and stepped on and I often observe the bride hanging the train over her arm, or just letting it hang, uneven and ripped as she dances and goes through the customary parts of the wedding.  And with the expense of a gown, if and when the bride changes into a cocktail party style dress, I feel like all that money was wasted to purchase the gown, or worse if she just takes a sisscors and hacks the bottom off, it’s ruined!  And you know what?…I don’t have an answer for this so I will throw it out there for discussion.  Is it time for a new genre of bridal gown to emerge?  Should gowns be sold as a set…one for the ceremony, one shorter for the reception?   I doubt you will be able to talk a bride into not dancing or having fun at her wedding, but I really feel bad when the bride has to go fix her dress multiple times, or just hacks it up taking so much time away from the celebration.  I’d be interested in hearing some comments on this one!