Many of our brides and grooms have gotten pets together long before children, and long before they are married.  Many want them to be a part of their special day.  Unless you are having an outdoor ceremony, many venues will not allow pets because it violates health and sanitation laws.  If you are outside, you have to know your pet.  If they are not used to crowds, how will they react when paraded in front of 150 plus strangers?  They can get nervous and soil your dress or tuxedo.  If someone is assigned to walk them up the aisle as either the “ring-dog” or “Dog of honor”, they should be promptly removed to avoid barking, soiling, or crowd reactions.  Do you have any guests that are afraid of dogs?  They would be very uncomfortable if one was running around.

Some cute things I have seen at Clarks Landing is to name a specialty drink in honor of the dog and put his or her picture on the sign displayed at the bars.  Some dogs can be captured in ice if you are having an ice sculpture.  You can make a donation in lieu of favors to a Humane organization.  My favorite was a display of little boxes with dog biscuits in them.  They had a sign made with the dogs picture and an offer to all guests with pets to take one with them for their pet.

Remember, logic prevails.  The fact is that the dog won’t know if they were at the wedding or not, and it’s always best to consider the comfort of your pet over theatrics any time.