My “Weekend”

So every Friday, most of America gets up with excitement because they only have one day, eight hours left until the weekend begins.  For them it might be some leisure time, time with the family, getting chores done, etc.  My Friday is like most peoples Mondays.  I get up knowing that I have three plus weddings to run.  Three times to make couples dreams come true on the most important day of their lives, here at the Jersey Shore.  When I walk into Clarks Landing Yacht Club, I never cease to marvel at how beautiful the lobby, cocktail room and ballroom are.  I get a view of the Manasquan River and see sunsets that most people have to come here to see.  So while many people look at working weekends as the biggest drawback of the wedding business, I see it as a great honor to be entrusted to usher these fine couples from single to married life.  I am truly thankful and blessed to be a part of this amazing, wonderful part of the tradition in America.

Don’s Tip- Remember…nothing is perfect and there may be something that will go wrong on your wedding day.  Put whatever incident it is into perspective; will it affect your marriage and your life together?  Probably not.  You can deal with it at a later time, enjoy your day.