Wedding Professionals?

I always give a suggestion for our couples to look at our recommended wedding professionals.  They were hand selected by our management team as those we like to work with, that like to work with us, and are gracious and fair to our brides and grooms.

But there are plenty of other wedding professionals that do wonderful services here.  And when you are not a familiar face to us, I would think you would do your best to make a great impression, which is not always the case.  With wedding season winding down, here are a few things that have really bothered me over the past 10 months.

-While it’s great that you bring a freshly cleaned suit or tux to work in, I would think the least you would do is throw the hanger, twist ties, plastic bag(s) in the trash and not leave them hanging up in a stall where a guest will eventually go.

-The vanity basket that the brides provide are for her guests.  I am astonished when I see a vendor opening chewing gum, using spray, or taking mints that are in the basket.

-Your work area should be left the way you found it.  Glasses, dishes, silverware should be given to a server who will take it to the kitchen, not left on a window sill or floor.

-We are not your garbage truck.  Papers, discs, tape, and worst of all batteries are left all over the table or floor.  We will get you a bag to dispose of it all.

-I would not go to your house and stand on, or move your furniture and I do not expect you to do it in mine.  It’s ironic that a photographer or videographer run around with a thousand dollar camera, and yet can’t invest in a $20 step stool.  And if you do move furniture, which you should only do with the venue’s permission, have the decency to move it back to it’s original space.

-I don’t know any job where you can drink while on the clock and yet sometimes I have to take alcoholic drinks away from vendors.

-Photobooth debris should be picked up, ink cartridges, broken props, picture shards, feathers, etc.  Again, you should leave your work area the way you found it.

We try to treat our wedding professionals respectfully and I believe we are all there to give the bride and groom the best service they will ever receive in their lives and make their day an unforgettable one.