Keep Calm and Enjoy Your Wedding

I think generally, friends and family feel honored to be invited to a wedding and come acting appropriately.  But there are those select few, like younger people who have never experienced an open bar before, or older guests with a known alcohol problem, or someone with an axe to grind that come with the specific intention to overindulge.  There is no wedding that I would like to remember that was defined by an incident that took place during the reception by an invited guest.  We are very sensitive and committed to not only holding up the states liquor laws, but also the integrity of your reception.  I really appreciate when a couple or their parents make note of a potential problem and communicate it to us discreetly.  Nothing has to be said, or noted to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but a few extra eyes on a situation can often prevent a scene from occurring.  Our managers, mixologists, and many servers have been through professional alcohol management classes and trained to notice such things.  Don’t be afraid to speak up to your wedding professionals.