The New Trend – A Weekday Wedding or The “Off-Day” Wedding


Finally! A wedding trend that actually saves you money! 

The new trend according to people magazine, the New York Times, and abc news, weekday weddings are the new thing in the wedding industry! Before you think we’re absolutely nuts, consider this – Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, Kerry Washington, Nnamdi Asomugha, Eddie Redmayne, Hannah Baghshawe, Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French all got married on a weekday! Abby Larson, the founder and editor of Style Me Pretty, a popular wedding resource website, sees these celebrity decisions as part of a larger wedding trend: the “off-day” wedding.

The truth is, a weekday wedding is so much more affordable then the traditional weekend wedding. Many couples have found they now can actually have their dream wedding at their dream location/venue if they opt in for a weekday wedding. Most wedding venues offer discounted rates on weekdays and lower minimum attendance, which means less out of your pocket book!

A weekday wedding might not be as inconvenient as you think. In fact, as many adults, especially millennials, are moving away from the traditional 9 to 5 work schedule and seeking out more flexible schedules, the work week has changed dramatically and so have wedding expectations. Weekday weddings are becoming less and less ‘rude,’ as they’ve been called in the past. Many now see them as a nice reprieve and for many – a break from the normal work week. Any excuse to take a few days off of rest and relaxation (can we say mini vaca!) especially for out of town guests. It makes it a true “off day” for everyone.

Always remember, it’s YOUR wedding, and while you want to make things easy for your guests, in most situations it’s you and your partner who are paying the bill. In reality, if you’re truly looking at it from a strictly cost savings point of view, flights and hotels for out of town guests are much much cheaper during weekdays and almost all vendors offer lowered weekday rates if you ask.

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