I was reflecting on when I began in the wedding business, I was trained at a very exclusive place, The Chanticler, in Short Hills NJ.  For dinner, everyone got one entree, prime rib, served French style with au jus. Period.

How times have changed!  Now we offer three choices PLUS a vegetarian, Vegan, chicken fingers, gluten free, peanut free, etc, etc.  We plate our dinners to order, not unlike a busy restaurant and I am amused sometimes at how many dietary conditions people have.  Meat has to be cooked to order now, sauces are served on the side sometimes, if at all; double orders of vegetables, no potato, garlic free, and so on.  My serving staff amazes me continually at the dinner line with a page of orders filled with special requests.

I would love hearing from some couples that have been married thirty or forty years ago and see what they observe at their or at their childrens weddings that has changed.

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