Are Sunday Weddings the New Return To Traditional Family Dinners?

I risk dating myself here, but I remember when Sunday was family day…stores were closed, few people worked and we spent the day visiting or hosting family dinners.  The world has sadly gotten so much more complex, but I have been feeling lately that couples choosing to have their weddings on SUNDAYS are providing somewhat a return to those traditional family values.  Usually everyone will gather at church or a designated ceremony site, then travel to a reception venue where fun times are shared with family and friends.  Because of our magnificent sunsets, our weddings usually occur earlier anyway.  And if you end at 9:30 or 10:00; your guests will have plenty of time to get home and receive a good nights sleep before work on Monday morning.  And if you have the right combination of venue and entertainment, you will have the feel of a Saturday night.  Sundays usually tend to be the most affordable days for weddings, which is like the cherry on the sundae, so to speak.  Call us and arrange for your visit to Clarks Landing Yacht Club and watch us make the magic that is your Sunday Wedding!

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