Cigars & Weddings…Smokin’ Hot or Better Not?

A lot of Dads and Grooms supply boxes of cigars or have a cigar roller for their weddings lately.  The idea of a celebratory cigar is not new but there is some controversy as to the execution of it.  I really loved the time a cigar roller was in our lobby during cocktail hour and provided cigars is varying scents and flavors, all tied up in a neat little favor bag for both men and women to take home. He even had a special flavor in honor of the bride and groom.  But here is the controversy…when all the men decide it’s time to smoke their cigars…they all go outside the building; light up and stay out there for an extended time it takes to finish the cigar.  This takes a significant amount of the male population out of the reception at one time and for a long time.  This causes the dance part of the party to be compromised as well as everyone from the girlfriends up to the bride becoming annoyed that they are outside smoking instead of being inside at the reception.  Given the usual 4 hour life of a reception after the cocktail hour…to be gone for 45 minutes to over an hour is a lot of time to spend.  I have been trying to talk my couples into putting the cigars in the lobby on the way out, so there is no chance to smoke them until after the reception; and that seems to solve the problem.  Just wondering what the feeling is in the public eye?


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    I think you are reading way too much into cigars as a gift. I really see no problem and everyone loves a good quality cigar. Thanks for your input!

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      No question that everyone loves a good cigar. However when you take 15 to 20 men outside for however long it takes to smoke a cigar, it impacts the dynamics of the reception in a way you could only view if you are there plus their dates/wives get angry when they leave them alone. Having them packaged to take home is the way to go, or smoke them at their afterparty.

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    I think that is a great idea. Therefore, everyone gets to enjoy the reception and the cigars can be for after. You know many people celebrate after at another bar or party. Perfect time for those!

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