Is Your Wedding “Wearing You?”

I’ve learned a lot from those ladies on “Say Yes To The Dress”.  They talk about the bride wearing the dress and the dress not wearing the bride.  I have been thinking about that this season as I see couples hire a dee jay with 6 people, a photographer with 4 assistants and a videographer with 4 assistants.  In a massive venue with a lot of pre-function space and vast ballrooms, it seems to work.  Clarks Landing from the start was designed as an elegant seaside mansion that would be yours for the day to celebrate your wedding with your friends and family.  As our “Best of the Best” recommended professionals would attest; I normally don’t interfere with them doing their jobs, because they have been selected and “fit” our venue.  But over the past few months I’ve had to ask a videographer to move;  who was laying across the aisle such that the bride and groom and the wedding party had to step over him to walk down the aisle.  I had to ask a photographer to move as she was taking pictures of the bride and groom during the toasts…who was totally blocking the best man and maid of honor giving the toasts.  I made a photographer move when I saw the mother of the bride standing on a chair to see her daughter dance with her father because the photographer and videographer were standing in front of them.  Four of six entertainers were in the rest room changing and using the brides vanity basket items that she had provided for their guests.  Later, they were getting a soda at the bar during their break, totally blocking the guests from getting access to the bar while they were hanging there.  And each time, they got annoyed and made me feel like the bad guy.  With 14 plus professionals, I began to feel that the bride and groom and their families and friends were being swallowed up.  Everywhere you turned, there was a camera, a light, a video, a dee jay or dancer in your face.  These types of professionals are fine for a large expansive venue, but really become burdensome for a smaller, more intimate one.  My advice?  Make sure you know how many of each professional is coming with each additional service you book.  Consult with your wedding professional at the venue for advice, because we truly have seen it all.  Make sure that YOU are the only stars that shine on your wedding day.

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