Planning your wedding should be a really fun, exciting experience, but it can also tax every nerve you have in your body.  I am always sad when a bride arrives with her things a few days prior to the wedding and says that she can’t wait until it’s all over!  In addition to your own basic plans like the venue, dress, music, pictures, flowers, etc;  you are trying to keep in tune with everyone else’s ideas, comments and needs.

But this can be a great time to establish yourselves as a couple and decide how you are going to solve situations together for the rest of your married lives, with your parents, in-laws, friends and most importantly, each other.

Like fresh cream…one of your vendors will likely rise to the top and you can feel comfortable asking them almost any question.  Don’t be afraid to build that trust with one vendor and make them your go-to person to assist in resolving conflicts, providing ideas and solutions, and just to “vent”.  My brides and grooms have my cell phone number and it is my pleasure to assist them in any way I can.  –  Don Calello

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