Sundays Will Never Be The Same!

Being present at each and every wedding has it’s advantages because I get to see it all.  And everyone knows how I love Sunday weddings.  I’ve noticed that our very considerate brides and grooms schedule the reception a little earlier to allow their guests to get home at a reasonable hour if they have to go to work the next day.  But I have noticed that very few people leave early; whether it’s because of the atmosphere, music, or just that no one wants to miss any of  the action at a Clarks Landing Wedding.  And so many of the friends and family take off the next day anyway.

So I decided that Sundays will never be the same!  To encourage the right couples to slide into a Sunday Wedding…Clarks Landing is going to offer an extra hour at NO CHARGE!!!   That’s right, an entire extra hour for you to extend the most special day in your lives.  Now this is only available on certain Sundays and only in 2014, but for the right couples who know their crowd would love to dance and party for an additional hour, it’s perfect.

Please call Nicole, Kristin or me and arrange for a private visit to see where all the magic happens.  We will be offering this for a limited time only, on certain available Sundays, and only to couples that are not booked.


  1. Marian Budesheim says

    Just attended a Sunday wedding at Clark’s Landing and my husband and I were so impressed by this beautiful venue. The food was excellent and nicely “out of the ordinary”. The staff was beyond gracious and accommodating. I would like to single out Alaina, Thomas and Anthony for kudos for exceptional service.

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