The Honor Of Your Presence

I came across an old wedding invitation the other day and focused on the parents of the bride requesting the “Honour of Your Presence” to attend their daughters wedding.  I wondered how the host and hostess of a wedding feel when they look around at the tables of guests, knowing they have paid a lot of money for them, and worked on a seating plan to have the perfect mix of people and personalities; only to see a good amount of  people texting, watching sports games, talking on their phones, and playing some sort of game.  Wedding professionals work so hard to play good dance music, or to get the perfect picture or serve the best meals, and these cell-trolls whose heads are bent over lost in their screens, miss all these moments and, in my opinion, insult the host and hostess by missing large parts of the celebration.  I was thinking of creating a cell-phone depository in the coat room, and see if people would check their cell phones and not use them throughout the night.  Whether it’s the parents of the bride, groom or the couple themselves; they are honored that you took time from your busy schedules, traveled distances, brought gifts and celebrated their wedding with them. When I meet with my couples, they are always so concerned about how their guests will like the food, music and services they have picked out.  At the very least, we owe them our attention.  There is no place setting with fine china, glassware and silverware that has a spot for a cell phone or tablet.


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    Greetings, Don!

    That is so well said. What a heartbreak for the Hosts to observe the Guests focusing on their cell phone calls and texting, during a stunning Wedding Reception Celebration. Sigh….

    How refreshing it can be, to just forget about the phone and texting for just a few hours and really enjoy every second of this once-in-a-lifetime Wedding celebration!

    Most Sincerely, Flutist Michele, Bridal Music, Toms River, NJ

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