Trending Now: Your Gut! Use what we call The Disney Effect To Plan Your Wedding

clarks-landing-blog-weddingtrends-disney effect-wedding planning njThis time of year, we are inundated with every wedding and bridal site telling us what the current trends are.  Everything from the colors, foods, style, music are dictated to every wedding professional, bride and groom.  And many of them are great suggestions.  However, my golden rule is to rely on your gut for the true wedding that you want to have and dreamed about.  For instance; I am seeing that strapless gowns are “trending” for 2017.  But if you’re a full figured lady, you will spend the entire night doing what I call “The Jersey Yank,” where you insert a hand in the front of each side of your gown and yank it up.  Paperless “save the dates” and wedding invitations are becoming popular.  But if you have older friends or relatives, they would be expecting a paper invitation, especially if they are not tech-savvy. All the decision mixed with trends make brides to be feel overwhelmed and lost on what to do. I recommend using the Disney effect.

When you try on a dress, there is usually one that makes you feel like a Disney princess and makes all the people that went with you start to cry.  That’s your dress.   There are many beautiful venues in our state with great food and service, but when you are shopping venues, there will be one that will immediately start your imagination of seeing all the plates and forks dancing and performing a Hollywood show stopper like Beauty and the Beast’s “Be Our Guest”.   Shop your photographers and get the feeling of which one’s style and personality suits yours.  You should view their work and imagine yourselves in the poses you are viewing. You might love club music and a dee jay may have every song you like, but a great entertainer will play to all of your friends and families tastes.  Can you deny your grandparents some Frank Sinatra if they wanted to dance?   It’s a thin line at times because you want the day of your dreams but you are also playing host and hostess to all of the people who are special to you, and you want to give them what they want as well.

The Disney Effect is your gut feeling.  We often discount our gut feelings and try to work towards a logical practical solution, but that’s not what your wedding day always is.  Follow all the trends to be fashionable and current, but follow your gut and be happy and have the wedding of your dreams.


Did you have a decision you struggled with while planning your wedding? But decided to use your gut? We’d love to here from you, Comment Below.

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