Wedding Killers

We’ve all seen it; both as guests and as wedding professionals.  The party is going full force…music pumping, dance floor full, lights blazing and then all of a sudden…like someone let the air out of a balloon the party fizzles out.  Well, here are two reasons why:

1) The bride and groom leave their party.  Friends and family look to the bride and groom and their wedding party to lead them in the dancing and festivities.  If they can’t see you on the dance floor, chances are they won’t go out on their own.  If you smoke, run out for a quick puff, but don’t spend 20 minutes outdoors socializing while your reception on going on in another area.  This is your day, and you ARE the center of attention.  It goes so fast, savor every moment by staying in the venue with your family and friends.

2) Group pictures.  Nothing kills the momentum of a party like 40 or 50 people leaving the room all at once to go take a picture.  Insist on getting these done during cocktail hour or after the ceremony.  They are rarely used in your album, so consider eliminating them altogether.

Weddings have a life, a birth, a beginning, a middle and an end.  Make sure you nurture your wedding with your presence and some good planning.


  1. Jasmine Perin says

    So I’m reading all your recent posts, Don, as I’m trying to manage my way through guest seating (less than a month to go) and I started cracking up. I remember not too long ago when my fiancée and our families came for the food tasting and while we peeked up at the Ballroom you commented on the wedding killer going on at the moment! All the guests and bridal party were grouped together for a photo on the balcony, leaving a few stragglers on dance floor, and even fewer seated at tables watching the event take place.

    I remember how it seemed to stick like a thorn in your side at that moment. Its clear how much attention to detail and heart you put into your events.

    Great advice. I think if we do decide on a group shot it will be five minutes before the reception is over! I most definitely appreciated the post on placecards and on cigars! Definitely taking all this info into account!

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